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According to President-apparent Noynoy Aquino, if he won the election then we had a clean and honest system of voting and tallying of votes.

A few months from now when he is sworn in as the next President, then we can
honestly attribute to Noynoy the analysis that we had a fair and honest election.

Si Noynoy mismo ang nagsabi n'yan in his interview with Bloomberg.


“If we have a correct counting of the votes, I think we will be very victorious,” said Aquino.

So, in essence, 'pag proclaimed na s'ya by Congress as the new President of the Philippines (or baka naman sasabihin n'yang dapat ay Sangguniang Kabataan ang mag-proclaim at 'di Congress because of another paranoia attack), we can honestly quote Noynoy to have said that the counting of votes this recently concluded automated election is correct.

Then, again, he can always take back what he said kasi ang dali lang naman magkamali lagi like his sister Kris Aquino saying Sorry lagi to the people na nasasaktan n'ya (parang automated rin na apology always citing friends and family advising her to make her look like she has license to always to be tactless then be apologetic later). Or like the issue about imposing additional taxes which he was opposed to last January, 2010, tapos biglang hindi na when March, 2010 came.

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