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Noynoy's campaign credo, "Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap" is supposed to be his regime credo as well (if and when he is proclaimed the new President) because 'yun din naman ang hinain nila for voters to support him in the election. His official website shows it on the home page:
By 2013, this means na kapag may isang mahirap sa Pilipinas ay may corruption sa regime ni Noynoy. Of course, he may point the finger to other politicians when that is made to be an issue, but that will just make him look like a child evading responsibility when in fact he is the leader.

My point: the credo is counter productive kasi we will always have the poor among us. Exaggeration and misuse of the concept of poverty ang credo ni Noynoy kasi corruption is NOT the only force behind poverty.

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