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According to the May 13, 2010 Inquirer, Noynoy is to save on travel costs by not going abroad and instead just sending representatives abroad.


“As a general rule, I don’t want to travel outside the Philippines. The last time I traveled was when President Estrada was still the leader,” said Aquino in an interview with reporters.

Aquino said that as much as possible, he would deploy lower-level government executives to represent the country in trade and foreign policy negotiations overseas.

“My main point is to generate savings by doing things the cheaper way. Our deficit is so big we really have to save,” said Aquino.

Is he saving on travel costs or from working as a President?

If he will not travel abroad, sending replacements for him will still require use of money. Worse, the act of sending lower level government officials to negotiate for the Philippines on his behalf is tantamount to saying that he won't do the job he's supposed to do. Lower level government officials have streamlined tasks to accomplish and going abroad on decision-making negotiations for the nation as a President is not their main task.

Kaya nga may local officials that the Filipinos elected to take care of the local scene.


parang yung tatay sabi sa anak para makatipid eh di na lang sya lalabas ng bahay para magtrabaho kasi gagastos pa sa pamasahe at lunch. yun pala nagmamafia at home.


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