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Almost everybody close to Noynoy Aquino is campaigning for national unity now that the senator is being seen as the next Philippine President.

What are we to unite for in good fate when the president-elect himself is being divisive about the earliest matter of being sworn in by the new Chief Justice Corona?

Hatred towards and manipulation of another public figure's appointment is clearly being rendered by the president-apparent. By insisting in having Corona's appointment rejected, Noynoy's show of arrogance is apparently in order.

The act of refusing to recognize the appointment of Chief Justice Corona is setting a bad example to the youth who are supposed to see how a President respect other members of public service institutions. Otherwise he will not have any problem being sworn in by the new Chief Justice.

Noynoy can be sworn in by anybody he wants as long as it legalizes the act according to the rule of law and yet he insists on voicing out in the media that he will not recognize the appointment of Corona.

Why all the drama?

If this is going to be how the new government is going to be led every month, the nation is going to be stressed out.